Home Sports The trading window opens for IPL 2024, there may be major shakeups

The trading window opens for IPL 2024, there may be major shakeups

The trading window opens for IPL 2024, there may be major shakeups

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IPL 2024 Auction: The auction for IPL 2024 is complete. All 10 teams have prepared their squads for next year’s Indian Premier League season. This means that from now on it is clear which player will play for which team. It is believed that IPL could begin on March 22 next year, but the schedule has not been released by BCCI yet. Nothing was said about dates either. The trading window is now open again one day after the auction, i.e. from today. It is possible for each player to move from here to there. But we have to wait a few more days for that.

The trading window will remain open until a month before the start of the IPL

Teams can swap their purchased or retained players with each other as early as a month before the start of the IPL. This means that if the IPL starts on March 22 next year, teams will have until February 22 to trade. This has been seen many times. Without going back too far, if we talk about the recent past, Hardik Pandya left the Gujarat Titans and returned to the Mumbai Indians as part of a mutual trade between the teams. Furthermore, Mumbai Indians had previously made another trade when they handed over their player Cameron Green to RCB. After that, the trading window was closed due to an auction. But from today, December 20th, it is open again.

There may be major upheavals in the coming days

Whenever a player is exchanged within the trade window, this requires the consent of both the team and the player. When Hardik Pandya was recently appointed as the captain of Mumbai Indians in place of Rohit Sharma, there were reports that Rohit Sharma might now move to another team. However, on the day of the auction itself, the management of Mumbai Indians had dismissed this news as a rumour. But what Rohit Sharma has to say about this entire matter is not yet clear. But if a team trades a player in the coming days, it will definitely be interesting to see.

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