She retains her crown. For the second year, the Toyota Yaris remains, in 2021, the most produced car in France. The small city car is thus surfing on its success, details BFM TV, after being voted European Car of the Year last March. The fourth generation of the Japanese car, assembled at the Onnaing plant (Nord), near Valenciennes, however saw its production decrease by 17% compared to last year, with 156,464 copies produced, according to data from the firm Inovev.

The Yaris is ahead of the Peugeot 3008, assembled in Sochaux, in the Doubs, and produced 147,547 copies in 2021. The Renault Kangoo completes the podium, with its copies coming out of Maubeuge, in the North. Another lesson from the ranking of the most produced cars in France in 2021: Toyota manages to place two vehicles produced in Onnaing in the top 15 with the Yaris Cross, the SUV version of the city car, which is in 13th place with 47,791 copies produced .

Halftone recovery

“The production of the fourth generation of Yaris and that of the Yaris Cross generated an investment of 400 million euros and the hiring of 700 additional employees on permanent contracts”, details in a press release Toyota which claims to have “invested in total more of 1.5 billion euros in its site which today employs nearly 5,000 people (including 3,616 permanent contracts, 945 fixed-term contracts, 331 temporary workers)”.

For the rest of the ranking, the Opel Mokka, now produced in the Stellantis factory in Poissy, in the Yvelines, takes fourth place with 82,277 copies produced last year in France. As BFMTV reminds us, French automobile production increased slightly in 2021, with an increase of 1.3% and 1.307 million vehicles produced. A lackluster recovery, due to the shortage of semiconductors affecting the sector.


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