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In today’s digital landscape, performance and user experience (UX) have become key differentiators for ecommerce success. There are numerous factors and details to take into account, from page speed and security, to the visual interface and web user interactions. Therefore, it is crucial to have a comprehensive tool that provides an in-depth analysis of these aspects.

Developed by the company Orienteed, Valido App is a specialized testing tool for ecommercewhich makes it easy for online store managers to enhance their online presence, drive customer engagement, and achieve business success.

Uncover meaningful opportunities through automated testing

The main goal of Valido App is to make automated performance and UX testing easy and accessible for all online store managers. The testing solution’s focus on the ecommerce sector and meeting the needs of a diverse customer base have cemented its reputation as a leading testing and monitoring solution for digital businesses.

Valido’s case studies exemplify success in identifying opportunities to improve the performance and UX of its clients. On average, it has detected at least two serious problems in the Checkout of the stores analyzed. The problems that Valido has detected represent a considerable impact on revenue: up to an average amount of €205,000 in mitigated losses monthly, per customer. These findings emphasize the importance of regular performance testing and UX optimization in ecommerce.

Valid Web Score: Optimize your website performance and other critical metrics


Valido Web Score is one of the two main solutions within the Valido testing platform. Focused on the measurement and optimization of critical metrics for online stores. Web Score tracks and monitors the performance of your web pages, as well as other important aspects such as: site security, code health and accessibility.

Key factors that set Valido Web Score apart from other performance testing tools:

  • Actionable insights: Web Score consolidates comprehensive monitoring at a glance, highlighting recommendations for troubleshooting and faster optimization.
  • Benchmarking: Valido Web Score allows companies to monitor their performance scores Lighthouse and Web Vitals versus those of the competition, for a single market or in multiple geographic locations.

Valid Testing: Detect errors that affect the user experience and sales conversions

In addition to Web Score, Valido helps online stores deliver exceptional user experiences with Valido Testing, its specialized Visual Validation and UX testing solution for ecommerce.

Valido Testing provides companies with complete real-time analysis of the visual interface and user experience. Some of its main features include:

  • Customizable tests: Easy test customization for online stores, from the navigation flow to the checkout process.
  • Multi-market: It allows you to validate or test the visual interface and the user experience of your e-commerce in different markets.
  • Multi-device: Makes it easy to test across multiple devices and screen resolutions.
  • Rapid and scalable tests: Flexible and fast execution of tests, allowing teams to accelerate improvements and the implementation of new functionalities.
  • Interactive Dashboard (Control Panel): Real-time and dynamic visualization of the results, in easy-to-understand dashboards, providing e-commerce managers with immediate information to make better decisions and boost the business.
  • Progressive Web Application: Valido is developed as a PWA with app-like features. It can be installed on your desktop computer or on your mobile so you can access it at any time and from anywhere.

With its ability to launch custom tests quickly and at scale, Valido App provides ecommerce business owners with the tools to detect critical errors effectively and offer a frictionless user experience to online shoppers.

The power of integrations

The team that has developed Valido App recognizes the value of the fluid integration of tools in the ecosystem of an ecommerce. For this reason, Valido goes beyond providing independent solutions, integrating with popular platforms with the aim of establishing more alliances on the horizon. These integrations offer additional ways to monitor and improve the performance of your ecommerce.

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BigCommerce and Valido: a perfect synergy

Valido Web Score is currently available on the BigCommerce app marketplace. This integration allows a simple way for the owners of stores created in BigCommerce to measure the performance of their website and obtain actionable data for their continuous improvement.

Our integration with BigCommerce is an important step for us. We believe that all online businesses deserve the best tools to help them succeed. With Valido Web Score integrated with BigCommerce, businesses can easily measure the performance of their website and get specific information on how to improve their online store.

Francesco Schettini, CEO of Orienteed technology.

Join the next free webinar on June 14 at 11 a.m. (Madrid), to find out how you can take advantage of Valido App to optimize your ecommerce.

Incident management with JIRA

JIRA has become the industry’s preferred application for project management, task tracking, and bug resolution. Recognizing its value, Valido is fully integrated with Jira so customers can connect and take advantage of its capabilities.

With this integration, online stores can:

  • Categorize and prioritize the errors detected through Valido’s ecommerce tests: Within the Valido app, ecommerce managers can quickly classify bugs detected by the Visual UX Validation tool based on issue type and priority. This ensures that the most critical issues are addressed immediately.
  • Automatically create tickets for efficient incident tracking and resolution: The integration allows you to automatically open and fill JIRA tickets when problems are detected, streamlining workflow and minimizing the risk of manual data entry errors. IT teams benefit from this feature as they can track and manage issues in JIRA without having to constantly switch between different tools or systems.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation to simplify testing and optimization

Valido’s development team is focused on the continuous improvement of its solutions, in particular simplifying and automating the testing process in an ecommerce. By minimizing the number of clicks required to create and run tests, Valido App aspires to bring smarter and more efficient tests to all digital business owners.

Valido’s interactive dashboards are also an important aspect of the testing experience. They are designed to make large and/or complex data sets useful to all users, whether they are technical experts or digital marketers. Visualizations of results and recommendations allow business owners to understand the performance of their ecommerce site and focus their efforts where it is needed most.

AI also represents a crucial component in Valido App’s growth strategy. Valido aims to improve its testing platform by integrating ChatGPT to summarize solutions and customize the Valido testing experience. Although the use of AI is an exciting and important step, the Valido development team strives for a balanced and sustainable approach towards the technology, ensuring that its implementation aligns with the needs of its customers.

Find the ideal testing solution for your ecommerce

Choosing the right tools can make a big difference in improving your ecommerce performance and user experience. Valido App is designed with this in mind. Its suite of Web Score and Testing solutions simplifies testing and optimization in these areas. With just a few clicks, you can launch custom tests on your online store and obtain clear information, without the need for technical knowledge.

The commitment of the Valido team goes beyond the basic provision of tools. He continually strives to make testing easier and more intuitive, as well as anticipate and address the unique needs of ecommerce businesses. Its continuous updates and its commitment to innovation clearly aim to offer intelligent testing solutions, adapted to the challenging needs of the thriving global e-commerce industry.

Get started with Valido App’s free plan today and discover how to quickly improve the performance of your online business.

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