The title is for Bielsa who admires him on TV

The Professional League left Sunday the 11th blank because Chiqui Tapia assumed that the Argentine youth team was going to be in La Plata, in the final with audience records on TV. But this move did not go well for him; He did not count on Nigeria, who in the round of 16 left Javier Mascherano’s kids on the road and marked the “game over” for them.

This time the crosses were not as benevolent for Argentina as in the World Cup in Qatar. If Uruguay did well, despite finishing second in their group, they had an accessible itinerary (1-0 against Gambia, 2-0 against the United States and 1-0 against Israel) to reach the final with the Italians. Among the spectators most interested in the Under 20 final, Marcelo Bielsa, the coach of the sky blue senior team, must be placed in the front row.

Of course, the Crazy has been following since before taking on these kids. And seven of them were summoned for the friendlies that they will play against Nicaragua and Cuba in a few days, on June 14 and 20: Randall Rodríguez, Sebastián Boselli, Facundo González, Mateo Ponte, Fabricio Díaz, Luciano Rodríguez and Anderson Duarte.

One of the Rodríguez, the goalkeeper, Randall, from Peñarol, worked little and kept a clean sheet for the sixth time in the championship. The other, Luciano, was the author of the goal that was worth a title with a precise header, in a play of pin ball in the area of ​​the rustic Italian defenders.

The forward Rodríguez is one of the jewels of this team. Last December he was transferred from Progreso to Liverpool, the one from Uruguay. He is skillful, handsome, facetious. No one would be surprised if one of these days they call him from Liverpool, which is pronounced as an esdrújula and not acute. Another who broke it was number 5, Fabrizio Díaz. He managed the team from midfield, like a bandleader, and put up a couple of stabbing passes like daggers.

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Legend has it that the brash jug, in his first training session with the seniors at Liverpool, began to give directions to all his teammates on where to stand. In the list of outstanding players, we must note the central defenders, Sebastián Boselli (wanted by the Argentine River Plate), and Facundo González, who plays for the Valencia branch.

The team led by Broli has something from Bielsa’s books: they feel good with the ball, they try to be precise at speed and they are direct. With these weapons he maintained a clear superiority over the Italians, on the impossible pitch of the La Plata stadium.

The more than 30,000 Uruguayans present, fans/tourists of those who cheer with intervals, celebrated at length the final whistle of a bad Swedish referee, in a match in which one wanted time to pass, and another that had the goal between their eyebrows and eyebrow and that now he wants the time of glory to never stop.

In a few days, the Uruguayans who saw it on TV will have the chance to go to the Centennial in the friendly against Nicaragua. And there they will have a double reason for the celebration. The presentation of Marcelo Bielsa as coach, and the tribute to the kids who won the Under 20 World Cup and which revives memories kept in the depths of time.

“That we are going to be champions again, like the first time,” the fans sang. That was in 1930. And the last time was in ’50, 73 years ago. After so much time they earned the right to the big party that the kids managed. Salute Uruguay, no or no.

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