The extreme athlete and streamer Valentí Sanjuan will be the first person to broadcast the Titan Desert in its entirety. The race can be seen on Valentí’s Twitch livestreams, which will broadcast the 6 stages from the Sahara desert. It is one of the toughest races in the world, known as ‘the Dakar by bicycle’, with 600 kilometers pedaling through the dunes of Morocco, at temperatures above 45 degrees.

It is the first time that the race can be seen in its entirety, between May 8 and 13 and it will be the tenth participation of Valentí Sanjuan in a Titan: 6 in the Sahara, 2 in Cuba, 1 in the Saudi Arabian desert and 1 in the Tabernas desert. Valentí Sanjuan is an athlete and journalist who narrates his adventures on social networks, where he has more than 3 million followers. His documentaries on the previous editions of the Titan Desert are close to a million views, and some of his adventures, such as the 770 non-stop kilometers from Madrid to Lisbon or his documentary about the 10 ironmans in 10 consecutive days, even exceed that million views.

In this Titan Desert, Valentí Sanjuan will broadcast the entire race in first person while competing in a mixed duo with Mónica Calderón, a Colombian cyclist and champion who, after winning La Leyenda del Dorado, will participate for the first time in the Titan Desert. For the broadcast, Valentí Sanjuan will have a team of two camera operators who will follow him in an all-terrain vehicle, as well as 3 GoPro on board that he will handle himself. The broadcast signal will be achieved with a satellite antenna from Maroc Telecom as well as a modem-backpack that Sanjuan from TVU Networks will carry with 6 5G SIM cards that function as the transmitter of the retransmission to Twitch.


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