The Titan Desert recovers its essence in the desert of Morocco. One of the most prestigious MTB events on the planet, which this year celebrates its 16th edition and does so with Diario AS as the official media of the race. The pandemic caused the race to be held in Spain in 2020, in Almería during the fall, and in 2021 the dunes and sand will decide the winner again. It will not be in spring as in previous editions, because months ago access to Morocco was still difficult, but the wait was finally worth it.

It was on May 3, 2019 when Josep Betalú achieved his fourth final victory in Maadid (the last four in Morocco), equaling Roberto Heras’s record. Of that 891 days have passed until this Sunday, when the first stage is celebrated. In 2020, the victory went to Sergio Mantecón, and in this edition Betalú returns with the aim of being the most successful runner in the history of the event. “This time I come without any pressure. In 2019 I did have it, due to the issue of adding the four in a row, since Heras did not do it in successive years,” he highlights. On its state, warn. “I am thinner than ever, weighing 60 kg, and I have not competed much lately. I arrive rested and in this edition I plan to change my strategy. Before, many had their work done, and now, at least first, I’m not going to take that responsibility. “

His team, the KH7, is one of the most powerful of the race, since next to Betalú will be Melcioi Mauri (winner of the 1991 Vuelta) and Abraham Olano (world champion of distance and time trial), among others. Julen Zubero, Haimar Zubeldia or the Swiss Konny Looser will be other outstanding riders in the men’s event. In the female category, Ramona Gabriel and Silvia Roura promise a tough fight to win this edition, with ultra-distance runner Núria Picas as the contender.

The Titan Ebike is another of the novelties of this edition. Thanks to this initiative, a total of 20 people will be able to pedal, in a non-competitive way, through some of the sections through which the participants of this edition will pass during the last three stages. “There was a lot of desire to put on a number”, highlight in the camp many participants. In total, 425 signed up and “10 or 15 will be the ones that will form the front group”, he highlighted when asked by AS Josep Betalú, that aims to be the rival to beat.


1st, Sunday 10: Boumalne Dades – Boumalne Dades 102 km (1,956 m. Of accumulated unevenness)

2nd, Monday 11: Boumalne Dades – Ait Yahya 127 km (2,626)

3rd, Tuesday 12: 12 Ait Yahya – Tafraoute 99 km (664)

4th, Wednesday 13:13 Tafraoute – Erg Chebbi 130 km (1,017)

5th, Thursday 14: Erg Chebbi – Erg Chebbi 107 km (749)

6th, Friday 15th: Erg Chebbi – Maadid 74 km (617)


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