The Titan Desert gets underway: everyone against the Looser

Training and testing are over. The 17th Titan Desert starts rolling this Sunday with the first stage, of 89 kilometers and more than 2,000 meters of unevenness, in Boumalne Dades. The first day of this edition begins on an unprecedented track in the Atlas area, with a constant climb that ends at almost 2,200 meters of altitude. The heat will undoubtedly be one of the first enemies of the 493 cyclists who will be on the starting line because, as explained by the technical director Manu Tajada, “The heat forecast is above normal. It will be intense, although it will get worse from the third stage. For this reason, from the organization we are concerned about the safety and good performance of the stages. We have planned measures to reinforce the supplies and leave earlier to combat the heat”.

In this first stage, the runners await the area of ​​the Moroccan Atlas and, after a technical descent to a village at the entrance to the M’Goum gorge, the peloton will take a track that will take them to a narrow canyon. About four kilometers rolling along the riverbed to take a wide and favorable track before facing the last difficulty of the day. Runners will find themselves up a short and intense climb on arrival at the camp from which they left in the morning. Undoubtedly, an exceptional day to start the adventure of the Titan with one of the most aesthetic and innovative stages in the history of the race: “It is an unprecedented block. We runners believe that they are going to enjoy and, in addition, the descent is not very technical, but it does have a considerable difference in level until a river that carries more water than we expected. We have equipped it for the safe passage of all the participants and then you will also reach a canyon with a lot of water due to the spring thaw. It is a mountain day, aesthetically very beautiful and I think that in terms of landscape it is the best. Surely it will begin to define some differences between the peloton”, added Tajada.

Many cyclists want to start building muscle and at this start of Titan Desert it seems like a ‘everyone against the Loosers’. Konny and Vera, from Kosner-Saltoki Home, are the main favorites to take the title in the men’s and women’s categories. This first stage is marked in red by them and also by Sergio Mantecón, from Scott Cala Bandida, who will seek to be in front. He knows that it is a day not to go out to see them coming because “I think that here the peloton is going to be cut and it will begin to define who is going to contest the general classification. Those who aren’t up front here are unlikely to be at the end of the Titan. In addition, it is a good stage for those of us who do not have so much experience in navigation. We will try to take advantage and make an effort”.

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