The tiny salary that baseball players earn in the Cuban baseball league

A constant in the baseball history is the desertion of Cuban baseball players in search of leave the regime and obtain better economic conditions for his family. It has recently been revealed how much money she earned Randy Arozarena before leaving the island and that has been a recurring situation in sports in Cuba.

The news agency EFE reported that the contracts of the Elite League spin around at 3,500 pesos per month. Converted into dollars, they will be less than 30 dollars a month.

According to journalist Francys Romero, approximately 120 baseball players left Cuba in 2022 in various ways in order to find better economic income.

Dropouts are inevitable, like the most recent of Yariel Rodríguez, who is in the Dominican Republic in search of fulfilling his dream of playing in the Major Leagues. The Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) claimed 10 million dollars from the pitcher for “damages” after breaking his relationship with the Chunichi Dragons.

One political event that has resulted in increased defections was the breaking the agreement between the MLB and the FCB in order for US teams to sign Cuban players more easily. The Donald Trump administration terminated the agreement in 2019.


  • This is how the ranking was after the World Baseball Classic
  • Young promise of Cuban baseball is signed by the St. Louis Cardinals, he is barely 18 years old

Cuban desertions in minor categories

In 2021, nine of the 24 Cuban teams that participated in the Sub 23 Baseball World Cup in Mexico deserted and the state media classified them as vile dropouts. Among them, pitcher Bryan Chi signed a contract with the Texas Rangers and outfielder Loidel Chapellí Jr. with the Chicago White Sox.

In addition, Romero points out that since 2017 an average of between 80 and 100 baseball players have left the island in search of fulfilling their major league ground.

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