The Tinder scammer: the story of Simon Leviev who steals female attention

With only five days of having been released on the Netflix platform, ‘El esfador de Tinder’ is in number five of the ’10 most popular’ in the Dominican Republic.

Based on true events, ‘The Tinder Scammer’ is a Netflix documentary exposing the exploits of Simon Leviev, who is really called Shimon Hayut. In the plot, the story of some women, who were deceived by the cunning man, unravels.

He pretended to be Simon Leviev, son of a billionaire, seductive man and the gentleman with whom every woman dreams. However, his evil plan was always to cast a spell on them to get money from them.

His main tool was the Tinder application, where he met his prey, whom after making them fall in love via chat, meeting them in hotels or paying for flights, he manipulated them until the end of telling a story where he was supposedly in danger of death and needed money.

About Shimon Hayut

Hayut’s file leaves a lot to say, since since he was 20 years old he developed skills in the scam. From scamming a colleague to buy his own clothing store to taking checks from his own family.

On a trip to Finland he started with Tinder, where he started his plan to cheat on women. For this, he was arrested in 2015 and spent two years in prison. He was deported to Israel, but fled. From there, he met one of the women in the documentary, Cecilie Fjellhoy.

tape impact

More than entertainment, the testimonies that are displayed in the production allow the viewer not only to be interested in the story, but also to take the message as learning.

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The fact of not trusting, especially when it comes to social networks, is one of the morals that stands out the most in this plot.

For its part, a few hours ago, the Tinder application reported that “Simon Leviev” will be banned from the application forever. The company said that this is because of violating the terms of service.

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