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The time St. Louis won the World Series

The St. Louis Cardinals are the only major league team that has reached the All-Star Game with a negative record (39-40) and then improved so badly in the second half that they became world champions, a fact that occurred this season. of 1964, even exhibiting the lowest average wins and losses in history.

In that season, the Cardinals only played a month below .500, which was June in which they had a record of 11-18 to occupy the sixth position in the National League 10 games behind the leaders, the Philadelphia Phillies who until That Tuesday, July 7, when the All-Star Game was held, they were in charge of the circuit.

Later, on August 23, St. Louis already had a positive record of 65-58, but the Phillies were still in the forefront with a record of 76-47, as of August 24 a collapse came to the Phillies in the last 39 games where they were 16-23, of which they lost 12 of the last 15 games to conclude with a 92-70 record, and a successful rebound by San Luis, a team that won 28 of its next 39 games, which included 11 of the last 15 to finish 93-69.

Then, in that year’s World Series, they faced the Yankees and beat them in a seventh game with Bob Gibson on the mound to win his seventh ever crown.


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