The tidal wave swept away the mother, the children continued to scream

A woman who was busy taking pictures with her husband was swept away by a tidal wave at a tourist spot called Bandstand in the Indian city of Mumbai.

According to local media reports, a 32-year-old woman named Jyoti Sonar’s family picnic turned tragic when she was swept away by a tidal wave.

A heart-wrenching video of the accident is doing the rounds on social media, in which Jyoti Sonar can be seen sitting on a rock by the sea with her husband while the children take pictures and videos of the parents.

Meanwhile, a sudden sea wave engulfed the couple sitting on the rock and carried them away. The people present at the spot tried to save them.

A citizen caught the foot of Jyoti Sonar’s husband which luckily saved him but Jyoti Sonar went missing.

In the video, children can be heard shouting ‘maa maa’ during the accident. One of the people present at the spot immediately informed the police and rescue authorities.

The police and rescue team tried to find the woman but could not find any trace.

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