The Banditry Repression Brigade (BRB) has uncovered a network of clandestine slot machines in Île-de-France. As reported CNews, on January 18, four individuals were arrested by the BRB, suspected of having installed dozens of undeclared machines in bars in the Paris region. The money collected was shared between the managers of the establishments and the suspects. In police custody, the criminals admitted the facts.

According to a source close to the investigation at CNews, the loot was around 40,000 euros monthly. Every 15 days, the four criminals, three of whom belong to the same family, went to collect the money, which they then shared. On these slot machines, it was possible for customers to also play online, via servers hosted in Eastern Europe, the United States or Australia.

After more than a year of investigation, the Banditry Suppression Brigade was finally able to identify the four suspects, aged 27 to 51, arrested last Tuesday. During their investigations, the investigators also discovered that two bars located in Luxembourg also hosted these clandestine slot machines. During the searches, around twenty slot machines were seized, as well as 10,000 euros. On January 20, the four individuals were indicted. In June 2020, a similar network had also been dismantled, in Île-de-France and in Oise, reported The Parisian. Fourteen people from the Turkish-Kurdish community had been indicted for operating, making available and possessing prohibited gaming devices in an organized gang, criminal association, misuse of corporate assets and money laundering.

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