The three surprises in the squad list of Spain

Spain It has been many years without making a leap in official competitions when it comes to competing for international titles. And it is that, since the national team managed, with an incredible generation of footballers, to win three titles in a row (two European Championships in 2008 and 2012 and a World Cup in 2010), ‘the red one’ has not touched silver again, with teams that they have moved away quite a bit from the ‘tiki taka’ model that once captivated the world of football.

The Spanish National Team, with Luis Enrique at the controls, today presented the list of summoned for the next international appointments, already thinking about the World Cup in Qatar. Although it is true that most names are repeated, something that we are already used to with the former Barça coach, there have been some other surprises, mainly consisting of two names that have knocked on the door of the national team with an exultant start to the season.

The three players who surprise in the squad list of Spain

And we say ‘surprises’ because Luis Enrique has accustomed us to having players who, sometimes, even came from injury and had not played a single minute for their teams. However, this time it seems that the Spaniard has been somewhat fairer and has selected two footballers who, without a doubt, deserve to be on the Spanish team’s squad list, since both Borja Iglesiaskey in the start of the season of a Real Betis spectacular, like Nick Williamswhich is also being decisive in the Athletic Club of BilbaoY Guillamonwhich continues to grow exponentially in the Valenciawill be part of Spain’s forward line in upcoming international matches.

Of course, the Borja Iglesias thing is to be applauded, and that is that the striker for the Verdiblanco team has redeemed himself, and in what way, after several seasons being a sleeping giant. Many of us thought that he would not give his best level again, but the truth is that ‘the panda’ has once again shown the best version of him after a lot of work and he deserved to be on the summoned list.

The same happens with a Nico Williams who, although he was already pointing out ways last season, the truth is that at the beginning of the present one he has shown a footballing maturity that is particularly rare among footballers of his age, approaching profiles such as those of Pedri or Gavi in ​​that aspect. On the other hand is Hugo Guillamón, who was very close to being part of Athletic Bilbao, who is still interested in signing him. The 22-year-old midfielder is versatile and a true example of pride and desire on the pitch and, without a doubt, has been one of the surprises on that list.

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