The three reasons for the Manchester United debacle

The Manchester United is living one of the most complicated moments of the last two seasons both nationally and internationally, taking into account that the results are not being the best and that the team does not end up working optimally, which sets it apart from the rest of candidates to win the Premier League of England (Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea).

The Red devils They are seventh in the Premier League with 14 points in 9 games and are leaders of their group in the UEFA Champions League, with only two points more than Atalanta de Bergamo and Villarreal, but if we put the magnifying glass on the matches we realize that They have cost you more than they should.

On the other hand, in the Premier League he is having a lot of problems. Ties four games without winning, of which three are losses (0-1 vs Aston Villa, 4-2 vs Leicester City and 0-5 vs Liverpool). They are eight points behind the lead with several teams scoring the same but trailing on goal difference (Everton, Leicester and Arsenal).

What happens to the Red Devils?

Despite the fact that all the reflectors point to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, several players are showing a very low performance this beginning of the season and they leave many doubts in the face of the most important moments of the season. Each player depends on the context, but there is no doubt that they are names that have to be demanded due to their high price or individual quality.

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For that reason, at, we put the magnifying glass on the three big mistakes that Manchester United is making at the beginning of the season in European football.

The three reasons for the Manchester United debacle

-Low level of Harry Maguire: The English central defender is one of the worst performing players at the start of the season. Maguire is committing blunders at the individual level both at the level of reading the game (decision making) and at the time of execution, failing in plays in which he did not before.

He is a center-back with many conditions, but his current performance is quite poor and the way he defends the team hurts him much more.


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