The threads will arrive in Europe in December

Meta completes the launch of its social network subjects, its alternative to X (formerly Twitter), in Europe. According to the Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the matter, the application, which enables real-time, text-based public conversations will arrive this month of December.

To launch the application in Europe, Meta offers The Ability to view Threads content without having an active profile, allowing only publishing, according to one of the sources. Yes, you need an account to publish content. The measure comes on top of other measures Instagram has already taken, such as the ability to delete Threads accounts without having to delete Instagram accounts as well.

The company took this step Mark Zuckerberg hopes to be able to test the long-term stability of his social network Add 40 million additional users by 2024. At the moment, Threads has about 73 million users although it added more than 100 million in the first five days.

Since its premiere last July Threads has integrated new tools and options to use the service. Among them stand out, among others 100% web version with the aim of improving usage for sophisticated users such as brands, enterprise customers, advertisers and journalists; A feed chronologically for accounts that are followed; a new function for Check the likes and a Edit post button; the publication of Polls and GIFs; as well as Option to delete a profile without losing the associated Instagram account.

Last July, Meta announced that Threads are launched in more than 100 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, but not in the Old Continent, although this is one of its largest markets. At the time, the company said it was waiting to hear more about it Digital Markets Act (DMA) and that new EU jurisdiction rules, as the application imports Instagram user data, including behavioral and advertising data. Now, Meta is preparing for Threads’ biggest market expansion since launch and stand up to X in Europe.

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This is how Threads works

subjects has a Interface very similar to that of X and its functionality is also the same. This means you can create short text posts where you can develop conversion threads and limit the number of replies to these posts. Although Threads is a completely independent app, it is related to Instagram. So much so that to navigate, the same user account is used as in the said social network. In fact, the same username and profile photo are used.

Based on, Threads has an option that allows users to automatically follow the same accounts they previously followed on Instagram. If any of these accounts are not already in threads, they will show a Pending Join status. If it is a private account, a follow request will be sent to it. Likewise, users with a private profile can configure whether their Instagram followers can automatically follow them in threads or, on the contrary, whether this is only possible for certain accounts. By default, users under 16 have a private profile.

Users can create Text posts with up to 500 characters and links, photos and videos up to 5 minutes long. And that’s how it happened feed The main content consists of threads posted by followed accounts and recommended content from new creators.

Users can too Share a Threads post to Instagram stories or as a link on another platform. Another feature is that users can control who can mention or reply to them within the application. Just like on Instagram, hidden words can be added to filter replies to threads containing those specific words. The mechanisms for blocking, restricting or reporting profiles are also similar.. In fact, accounts that are blocked on Instagram are automatically blocked on Threads as well.

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