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Netflix premieres this Friday, June 2, the third season of ‘Valeria’, a series based on the literary saga of Elisabet Benavent. Diana Gómez gives life to the protagonist, a writer with a complicated love life and who finds her greatest support in her friends Lola (Silma López), Carmen (Paula Malia) and Nerea (Teresa Riott). the third installment It will be the last of the fiction, who has renewed the romantic genre by discarding a classic vision of love that “dragged concepts that were very toxic” to put friendship at the center.

“The third season is a finishing touch. It’s an ode to love, and to love from all possible points of view, not just romantic love. I think the main leitmotiv this season is a love story between four friends who they will always have and that they are chosen over everything else”, explains Benavent in an interview with Europa Press.

“There is also talk about doubts about romantic love, how difficult it is to reconcile personal life with professional life, how difficult it is to get off the ground and set up a business… Many things are talked about, and all from a point of view very realistic view, very believable, very current, which I think will make the viewer feel very close to the series”, he adds.

“For me the important message is that friendship is a relief It is one of the most important things in the world. It is a safe space to be yourself, to make mistakes”, says Silma López.

The writer, who has succeeded thanks to romantic novels such as ‘A Perfect Tale’, ‘My Island’ or ‘The Art of Cheating Karma’, believes that the romantic genre, often considered minor, is experiencing a great moment.


“We are living a golden age of the genre. I think that, in addition, it is rebuilding itself, it is adapting to the times, it is conceiving some stories around the concept of healthy love, which I think is wonderful. We creators are also beginning to question a concept of love that we had learned, that we had embedded in our DNA, that we did not question and that carried concepts that were very toxic,” Benavent stresses. In this sense, the actress Paula Malia points out that the third season of ‘Valeria’ will emphasize “what is a healthy relationship and what is not” and the limits that must be established in love.

Benavent has reached the four million copies sold, Therefore, the great challenge of Valeria’s final season is twofold: to convince the audience, but also those who have read the novels. “Starting with the second season, it has been a super pleasant journey, I have let myself go and I have been super well surrounded. I have had the opportunity to learn how the audiovisual world works from within and the balance is positive, because, in addition, Valeria is a series that is going in crescendo, is improving chapter by chapter”, says the novelist.

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“The fans of the books, at first, due to the shock of the adaptation, there are people who are more open to an open adaptation and there are people who expected something a little closer. In the end, ‘Valeria’ goes out to 192 countries and there are to make a series that is compatible with 192 nationalities of viewers”, comments Benavent, who assures that “in the second season many people have gotten on ‘Valeria’ and have realized that it is a very good adaptation.

“There are three seasons, we have already experienced this process of fear of what they will say and now, if you have seen the three seasons, you will like the end, because everything is aimed at making a project that leaves you with a good taste in your mouth. No you may not like the ending if you like the series”, predicts Teresa Riott.

Maxi Iglesias, Juanlu González and Aitor Luna, among others, complete the cast of ‘Valeria’. Season three will arrive on Netflix on June 2.

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