The thief’s dance after the robbery, then saw the CCTV camera.

The thief expressed his joy of robbing 2 shops by dancing, but as soon as he saw the CCTV camera, his expression changed.

Every day there is a video going viral on social media in which humans and animals are seen doing very strange behavior, similarly a recent video is viral on social media in which a thief is celebrating his robbery by dancing.

This funny incident happened in India’s Madhya Pradesh, which was captured by the eye of the camera. In the video, it can be seen that the thief dances merrily after stealing in the dark of night and also sings Gutkha to spice it up. eats

According to Indian media reports, when the shop owner came to open his shop the next morning, he saw that the thief had broken the lock and stolen the money.

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The shopkeeper called the police, the police arrived at the scene and reviewed the CCTV footage in which they saw a clip of a very happy thief.

After going viral on social media, various comments are being made by users on this video. “You should celebrate your little wins,” said one user.

Another user wrote that the thief saw the CCTV camera and said, “No, brother, I have come to perform.”

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