The terrible end of the robber who robbed the restaurant, the video went viral

Houston: There has been a shooting incident in a restaurant in the United States in which a robber who came to rob has met his end.

Police in the US state of Texas are searching for a man who shot and killed an armed robber at a Houston restaurant and walked away.

In this regard, the police say that a customer in the restaurant shot at the robber when he was demanding money and valuables from the people there at gunpoint.

At this point, all the people present in fear hid under the tables to save their lives and the masked bandits wearing black clothes started packing their valuables.

At the same time, a customer sitting at the table took out his pistol and fired at the robber from behind, the customer fired nine shots from the pistol, killing the robber on the spot.

According to the local police, the shooter fired 4 shots at the robber and after he fell to the ground, shot another 4 shots before hitting him in the head.

Later, the man happily returned the stolen items from the bandit’s clothes to the hangers-on and left as if nothing had happened.

Police have not charged the man who shot the robber, who according to eyewitnesses was in his 20s.

The police later found out that the robber had a fake pistol, the customer who killed the robber gave the money back to the people and got out and disappeared.

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