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The technical team of the women’s soccer team leaves Jorge Vilda

He is alone in an untenable situation that must end with his exit

The crisis in the Spanish Football Federation deepens after the resignation of part of the technical team of the women’s team. This decision comes at a time of high tension, aggravated by the behavior of the President of the Federation, Luis Rubiales.

An irreconcilable kiss causes chaos

The World Cup celebration was overshadowed by Rubiales’ non-consensual kiss to striker Jenni Hermoso. This action has led to a series of events that have shaken the foundations of the federation and Spanish women’s football.

The technical team resigns

the selector, Jorge VildaYou are in a difficult situation. After offering to extend his contract, Rubiales now finds himself alone at the helm of a squad that currently has no players. For the female squad it was clear: They will not compete until there are changes on the board.

The statement published on Twitter by Montse Tome, former international soccer player and technical assistant, reflects the mood of the technical team. In it, they condemn Rubiales’ behavior and show their unconditional support for Hermoso.

Tensions ahead of the World Cup

The conflict is not new. Even before the World Cup, 15 players had announced their decision not to take part unless there was a change in leadership. This decision revealed the existing tensions between the players and Vilda. The players’ demands, such as the involvement of a nutritionist or family reconciliation measures, contradicted statements by Vilda, who accused them of demanding their release.

The fleeting return of the stars

The World Cup victory seemed to have calmed things down. players like Alexia Putellas, Aitana Bonmati And Irene Paredes They returned to the team. However, Rubiales’ behavior during the celebrations and his subsequent refusal to resign reignited the conflict.

The uncertain future of the national team

Spanish women’s football is at a crossroads. Players’ withdrawal from competition pending a change in federation is jeopardizing the future of the sport in the country. The ball is now in the hands of the federation, who must make crucial decisions to win back lost trust and respect.

In summary, Spanish women’s football is experiencing moments of uncertainty. Rubiales’ actions have created a crisis that threatens to overshadow the team’s historic success at the World Cup. It is important for the federation to act quickly and decisively to resolve this situation and restore stability to the sport.

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