Karan Johar Meenakshi Sundareshwar’s movie teaser was released on Wednesday. Actress Sanya Malhotra and actor Abhimanyu Dasana have the main roles in this film. This story is about a Tamil Nadu couple who carry on their long-distance relationship. This teaser is being liked a lot, but the people of Tamil Nadu didn’t like it. He says his culture has been “stereotyped” in this movie.

While releasing the teaser for the movie, Karan Johar said on his social media account to get ready. For a totally different and super cute love story that is a long distance love story. Sanya is a bubbly girl in Teacher, while Abhinanyu plays the character of a shy and simple engineer. After marriage, they go out in connection with work.

There is outrage on social media regarding this advance. Tamils ​​are opposed to being portrayed in a very conservative way in the film. He says that it is not necessary for Tamils ​​to always speak like that or that there is a Rajinikanth temple in their house. Before making a film about our tradition, it is important to understand it in depth. A Twitter user named Visible Distress wrote: No North Indian movie is complete without mentioning Thalaiva.

A user named Surujana wrote that Bollywood feels that South Industry is the same as Bollywood is shown in Hollywood. No one has even simple knowledge and feels that it represents their culture.

Actor Abhinyu Dasani is the son of actress Bhagyashree. This is his second movie. Which will be launched this Diwali weekend, that is, on November 5. You can watch this movie on Netflix.



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