The Taliban sought help from Russia

After meeting with Afghanistan’s deputy prime minister, Russian experts agreed to repair Taliban-held Russian helicopters.

Taliban deputy spokesman claims that Russian experts have agreed to repair Russian helicopters held by the Taliban.

The foreign website quoted Taliban deputy spokesman Inamullah Samangani as saying that Vladimir Skorikhan, CEO of Vertical Tea Air Company, and Alexander Kalachov, chairman of the small helicopter repair company, had confirmed in a statement that they Has called on Maulvi Abdul Kabir, Deputy Prime Minister of Afghanistan for Political Affairs.

The Taliban’s deputy spokesman claimed that Russian experts had agreed to repair Russian helicopters now in Taliban custody and had given suggestions to Maulvi Abdul Kabir.

The statement also said that Maulvi Abdul Kabir assured Russian experts that global security had been ensured in Afghanistan and foreign companies would have the opportunity to invest. Vertical Tea is a Russian airline that makes helicopters. The company has been active in Afghanistan for many years, providing maintenance services for Russian helicopters owned by the former Afghan government. Several of the company’s helicopters have been chartered by international aid agencies, including UN agencies, and operate in Afghanistan.

Although no further details are available on the talks between Russian experts and Taliban leaders, it appears that the Taliban have been urging the Russian government and its airlines to reactivate helicopters abandoned by the former Afghan government. Has helped.

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