The Taliban government has decided to launch the first anti-polio campaign in Afghanistan

KABUL: The new Taliban government formed in Afghanistan has decided to launch the country’s first anti-polio campaign, the first national anti-polio campaign will start from November 8.

According to details, Afghanistan informed Pakistan about the anti-polio campaign. Afghanistan’s first national anti-polio campaign will begin November 8. This will be the first anti-polio campaign launched by the current Afghan government.

The anti-polio campaign in Afghanistan will vaccinate children up to the age of five. The Afghan Health Minister also issued a letter to the provinces and the Polio Emergency Operations Center.

The Afghan Minister of Health has directed for full preparations for the first anti-polio campaign. Minister Dr Qalandar Ibad said that provinces should take all possible steps for the success of anti-polio campaign, citizens should fully support the government for the success of polio campaign, eradication of polio is not possible without citizen cooperation.

On the other hand, sources said that one polio case was reported in Pakistan and Afghanistan this year. Pakistan and Afghanistan have been conducting simultaneous anti-polio campaigns in the past. And Afghanistan is the last two countries in the world to be infected with the polio virus.

Pak-Afghan joint efforts and simultaneous campaign are sure to end polio soon.


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