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The Taliban executed four men and exposed the bodies

The repression of taliban was demonstrated in the last hours in Afghanistan with the execution of four men, whose corpses were hung from cranes in different squares. It happened in the city of Herat.

The deputy governor of that Afghan province, Mawlawi Shir Ahmad Muhajir, stated that the bodies were displayed in various public squares the same day they were killed as a “lesson.” that kidnappings would not be tolerated. The four men were arrested and killed after the alleged kidnapping of a businessman and his son.

Images posted on social media showed bloody bodies in the back of a truck as a tow truck lifted a man. A crowd of people watched as Taliban fighters gathered with weapons around the vehicle.

Another video showed a man hanging from a crane in a roundabout in Herat with a sign across his chest that read: “The kidnappers will be punished in this way”.

The display in various city squares is the most notorious public punishment since the Taliban came to power in mid-August. It is also a sign that they will adopt similar measures in line with their previous government from 1996 to 2001, prior to the intervention of the United States.

Muhajir claimed that the security forces were informed that a businessman and his son had been kidnapped in the city on Saturday morning.. The police closed the routes out of the city and the Taliban detained the men at a checkpoint, where “there was a shooting,” the leader said.

“As a result of a few minutes of confrontation, one of our mujahideen was injured and the four kidnappers died,” Muhajir said in a recorded statement that was sent to the AFP agency. “We are the Islamic Emirate. No one should harm our nation. No one should kidnap “The Taliban highlighted, adding that before Saturday’s incident there were other kidnappings in the city and that the Taliban had rescued a child.

“So that it is a lesson for other kidnappers not to kidnap or harass anyone, we hang them in the city squares and we make it clear to everyone that anyone who steals or kidnaps or does any action against our people will be punished,” closed the lieutenant governor.

In the week, Mullah Nooruddin Turabi, one of the founders of the Taliban movement and the head of the application of its strict interpretation of Islamic law in the government of the 90s, had expressed that the group will once again execute people and amputate hands, although they may not be done publicly. The events of the last few hours clear suspicions about a level of repression similar to that of 25 years ago by the Taliban.

Meanwhile, a bomb caused one injury when it exploded next to a Taliban vehicle in Jalalabad, capital of Nangarhar province. No one claimed responsibility for the attack, although the Islamic State affiliate is suspected of carrying out similar attacks that have killed 12 people in that city in the last week. the Taliban have been fighting the Islamic state since 2014, when the Islamist militia entered Afghanistan.


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