The Taliban dispersed a women’s march and attacked journalists

The Taliban dispersed a women’s protest in the center of Kabul where They demanded the reopening of schools for girls and adolescents and journalists were beaten that covered the fact.

“Our goal is to raise the voice of a poor nation, which has been plunged into an economic crisis and poverty, and the Taliban are not paying attention to this situation. Children and women are the most affected by the current problems. “said activist Deeba Farahmand, one of the organizers.

The march was allowed by the authorities, but during its development they reduced the number of attendees first to 56 and then to 30 before dispersing the protest. The women were scheduled to march from the center of the Afghan capital to the presidential palace.

“They beat protesters and journalists who were covering (the event), the Taliban have managed to prevent our protest by dispersing it and limiting their number, but we will continue in the future.”Farahmand told the EFE agency.

Zahra Mohammadi, another of the protest organizers, assured that no woman was detained.

But a reporter received a recoil of a Taliban fighter who threw him out of the demonstration while another threatened and kicked him. Two other journalists had to escape the protest between blows and insults from the combatants.

“Work, bread, education” or “girls’ schools must be reopened” were some of the slogans chanted during the brief protest. Girls’ high schools have been closed for more than a month, and many women were banned from going back to work since the Taliban came to power in mid-August.

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“Schools must reopen for girls. But the taliban have taken away our rights – Mohammadi said. My message to all girls and women is not to be afraid of the Taliban, even if their families do not allow them to leave the house. Do not be afraid. Come out, sacrifice yourselves, fight for your rights. “

“We have to make this sacrifice so that the next generation can have peace,” he added.

For his part, Farahmand said that the demonstration was aimed at attracting the attention of the rest of the world, as he does not believe that the Taliban are willing to listen to women.

“We ask the countries of the region and the international community not to officially recognize the Taliban government until they respect the rights of Afghans, especially women,” the activist urged.


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