The Taliban closed women’s beauty parlors

The Taliban has announced a ban on women’s beauty parlors in Afghanistan. In this regard, the Ministry of Ethics and Moral Affairs has informed about a verbal order given by the supreme leader of the Taliban, Haibatullah Akhundzada.

Ministry spokesman Mohammad Akif Mahajar told Kabul-based television channel ToloNews that this order will be implemented throughout Afghanistan, including the capital Kabul. News from NDTV

Akif Mahazar also said that in the meantime, Kabul Municipality has been asked to cancel the license of women’s beauty salons.

According to that, the operation of the beauty centers which are running now should be closed. Renewal of licenses will cease. Previous licenses will be cancelled.

After coming to power, the Taliban administration continues to impose various restrictions on women. In the meantime, women have been banned from going to educational institutions. Parks and recreation centers are also closed to women. Activities of non-governmental development organizations (NGOs) have been closed.

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