The TAD is pronounced: the CSD handcuffed

Enormous setback for the Sánchez government

In the halls of the Spanish Football Federation, rumors and speculation have given way to concrete facts. Luis Rubiales, President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, is in the eye of the hurricane. The Administrative Court for Sport (TAD) has decided to open a case against him, a situation that has caused a stir in the sports world.

The decision of the TAD: Not everything is so serious

Despite the initial concern, the TAD has described the facts as follows “serious” and not “very serious”, a distinction that may seem minor but has important implications. This decision implies that the Higher Sports Council (CSD) does not have the power to suspend Rubiales as a precautionary measure.

The penalty: What is the limit?

The legal framework is clear. If, after the investigation, it is finally decided to punish Rubiales, the maximum penalty he could face would be disqualification 2 years. A duration that would undoubtedly affect his leadership and the direction of the Federation.

Why is this decision relevant?

The Royal Spanish Football Federation is one of the most representative sporting institutions in Spain. The possible sanction of their president is not only a legal matter, but could also have an impact on the functioning and the image of the association.

The role of the CSD

Although the CSD will not be able to take precautionary action against Rubiales, its role remains crucial. You are responsible for ensuring that proper procedures are followed and that the rights of everyone involved are respected.

Luis Rubiales' euphoria during the final celebrations continues to be the talk of the town
Lola Gallardo speaks clearly about celebrating Luis Rubiales during the World Cup

Effects on the sports scene

A possible departure of Rubiales, even temporarily, could create a power vacuum in the Federation. The decisions and strategies to be followed in the coming years could be affected, which could indirectly affect the performance of national teams and the organization of sporting events.

Public opinion and the world of football

There is no doubt that football is not only a sport but also a passion and a reflection of society. Opinions are divided. There are those who support Rubiales and think his leadership has been positive for Spanish football, while others believe it’s time for a change.

Conclusion: An uncertain future

Opening this file through the a little marks a before and after in Luis Rubiales’ career. While it is still too early to draw any definitive conclusions, it is certain that the coming months will be crucial for the future of the president and, to a certain extent, of the Spanish Football Federation.

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