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The TAD annuls the two-year sanction to Raúl Celada, who will be able to compete again

The TAD annuls the two-year sanction to Raúl Celada, who will be able to compete again

The Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) has decided to annul the two-year sanction of the athlete from Leon, Raúl Celada, imposed on him by the Spanish Commission for the Fight against Doping in Sport (CELAD). for alleged possession of doping substances.

According to León Newsthe TAD has resolved this Wednesday the sanction proposal file and has decided to annul the sanction “definitively”.

On March 1, AS reported that the TAD had halted the sanction that CELAD had imposed on it. to the athlete. In this way, Celada received the precautionary measure of a punishment that CELAD imposed on the athlete on December 20, 2022, after his arrest in June 2021 along with two other people in an operation carried out by the Anti-Doping Group of the National Police.

In this way, and after the TAD’s decision, Celada can compete again if it receives the go-ahead from the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation. A return that, if it occurs, could take place in the Spanish Road Championship which is celebrated in Santander on May 13 and 14.

Celada: “I felt unjustifiably persecuted”

The international athlete Raúl Celada has recognized EFE, after being exempted by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAD) of the two-year sanction for possession of doping substances, which has been felt “persecuted, without knowing the reason and in an unjustified manner.”

The Astorgano runner stresses that he has experienced a situation “that should not have happened.” “That is why I do not consider after the decision of a Court with judges and not of an agency, to have achieved a victory, but rather to be able to recover normalcy,” he said.

In this sense, he acknowledges that, on many occasions, since he was notified of the sanction after some events on which the report prepared by the Athletics Integrity Unit in June 2021 was allegedly based, He has felt “the desire to throw everything overboard”, but he has stressed that he finally chose to fight for his innocence”.

Celada, who suffered attacks by some athletes -some from Leon- on social networks you think they might have an interest in harming you.

“Some seek to trample others to grow themselves, something incomprehensible when we are in the same boat,” he told EFE.

Nevertheless, He affirms that he has felt during these months, until the exculpatory decision of the TAD was known, backed by his club, Bikila, as well as by the sponsors who have believed in his innocencewhich, as he testifies, is demonstrated by having donated his samples in most anti-doping controls for any type of more detailed analysis in the future.

Despite the “mental and emotional” incidence, Celada kept up the pace of training, Despite not having competed since the end of last year, his return to competition is already in his sights on May 14 in Santander, in the Spanish 5-kilometre road championship.

“I know that now I am going to be more watched to see my marks and the performances that I do but it is something that does not worry me. because this experience has helped me get to know myself better on a physical and mental level, and it has made me stronger”, he says.

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