The sword is hanging on the staging of the ICC Champions Trophy in Pakistan, a new problem is emerging before us

ICC Champions Trophy 2025: There seems to be a sword hanging on the ICC Champions Trophy, which will be played in Pakistan next year. It is yet to be decided whether the Pakistan Cricket Board has the right to host the ICC Champions Trophy next year or not. The ICC Champions Trophy is scheduled to be played between February and March 2025. However, due to the fact that cricket leagues are played all over the world, difficulties have now arisen in organizing the Champions Trophy.

According to Cricbuzz’s report, cricket associations of many countries are objecting to the Champions Trophy schedule because of the T20 league. The Champions Trophy is in direct conflict with the ILT League, South Africa 20 League and Bangladesh Premier League. The ILT League will be played from January 19th to February 17th. The South Africa League is also organized between January and February. BPL is also organized during this period.

The Cricbuzz report quoted an ILT League official as claiming: “There is a need to work on the limited window.” Our season is still going on. The date for next year’s season has not yet been set. However, if there is any conflict with the ICC Champions Trophy schedule, we will somehow have to finish the season in January.

However, it has not yet been decided whether the Champions Trophy will be organized in Pakistan or not. For security reasons, the Champions Trophy may also be moved from Pakistan at the last moment. A hosting agreement was signed between the Pakistan Cricket Board and the International Cricket Control Board. But this deal can also change. It is expected that clarity will emerge about the organization of the Champions Trophy in the next few months.

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