The Swan proudly descends on the Palau

El Cisne arrived at the Palau virtually descended, and left with the direct ticket to the Silver Division. Only if he beat Barça did he have the chance to extend the agony. At this moment between the Barcelona fans and the rest it is so wide that there was no way to continue fighting for the impossible. But the Swan appealed to pride, to play and have fun, score 30 goals for the League and Cup champion (41-30) and tie the first half (18-18).

It is true that Ortega rested vital men (Mem and Fabregas), that he lined up the less usual ones, that he gave up squeezing some tired ones, but His first team is of such quality that it was not understood how in the first half of every two counterattacks he only took advantage of one, or how the rival goalkeeper touched 40 percent with plays well drawn, and finished, by the Swan.

In the second half, Ortega must have thought that Barça could not offer that image in front of fans who expected to celebrate the Copa del Rey. He put Gonzalo Pérez in goal, Wanne at his end, ordered his team, and the team straightened out to win a game without a general history, although For the visitors, the outcome is relegation on the day that for thirty minutes they tutored the untouchable Barça team, which has a streak of 49 consecutive national titles.


Barcelona (18+23): Nielsen; Urdangarín (4), Janc (2), Frade (1), Pol Valera (4), Langaro (2), Martí Soler (1) -starting seven-; G. Perez (ps); Richardson (7), N’Guessan (1), Artur Parera (5), Carlsbogard (2), Wanne (10, 3p), Petrus, Cindric (2) and Makuc.

Swan (18+12): Franzini; Álex Chan (7, 5p), Pombo (4), Daniel Serrano (3), Dedu Calin (1), Carlos Ocaña (2), Carlos Álvarez (6) -starting seven-; Ramirez (ps); Bruno Vázquez (2), Dani López, Javier Vázquez, Franceschetti (1), Furtado (3), Iván Calvo and Conde (1).

Referees: Raul Escoda Pérez and Oriol Álvarez Boixaderas. Exclusions: Janc (min.33) for Barça; Dedu Calin (min.35) and Iván Calvo (min.44) for the Swan.

Scoreboard every five minutes: 4-3, 7-5, 9-8, 14-11, 16-14, 18-18 (rest), 20-19, 24-21, 29-24, 32-27, 38-29 and 41-30 (final).

Basketball court: Palau Blaugrana in Barcelona in front of 1,200 people. Before the initial whistle, the Barça players offered the Copa del Rey title to the audience. After the end of the match, the Barça team celebrated the league title won days ago.

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