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The sustainable commitment of Banco Popular is awarded by the Global Finance magazine

The sustainable commitment of Banco Popular is awarded by the Global Finance magazine

Banco Popular Dominicano was awarded by Global Finance magazine with the Award for Sustainable Finance in the Dominican Republic, a recognition that highlights the bank’s contributions in favor of mitigating the harmful effects of climate change and its commitment to sustainability.

Winners have been selected in 57 countries, seven of them in the Latin American region, based on applications and independent research conducted by the magazine.

The evaluation criteria included governance policies and objectives, as well as measurable achievements in sustainable environmental and social financing, with activities carried out between January and December 2022.

“Although global energy prices have fluctuated in recent years due to the pandemic and regional conflicts, financial commitments to sustainability have not wavered. Global Finance’s Sustainable Finance Awards recognize financial institutions that have initiated, maintained and grown their sustainable financing and offerings throughout 2022,” said Joseph Giarraputo, founder and editorial director of Global Finance, a New York-based magazine. York.

Catalysts of sustainable development

The executive president of Popular, Mr. Christopher Paniagua, valued the recognition and stressed that the sustainable vision characterizes the bank, as a financial organization.

“It fills us with pride to be a banking entity that is characterized, and is recognized, for promoting the Dominican economy towards a responsible banking model, being catalysts for the sustainable development of the nation, in the economic, social and environmental aspects”, indicated the president Popular executive.

The bank has a responsible banking model and a sustainable vision that were deepened with its adherence to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking, in 2019.

Since then, Popular has implemented various initiatives to promote a more responsible production model, helping to incorporate sustainability in all areas of the banking business and in relations with its stakeholders.

Specifically, “Hazte Eco”, the broadest portfolio of green products in the financial sector and a pioneer in this area, today has a total portfolio that closed in May 2023 above RD$12,571 million.

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