The surreal signing of Sevilla FC that upsets Sampaoli

Sevilla FC fans explode with Sampaoli's treatment of the Argentines

The Argentine coach is not only not receiving the requested signings, but he will also have to deal with a footballer that the club did not have last summer

Monchi does not win for disappointment this season. The San Fernando sports director is having more problems this season than possibly during his career. And to these problems now we must add a new one. A problem that now also affects Sampaoliwho will have under his orders in the final stretch of the season a footballer who did not enter into the plans of the Sevilla F.C..

As if that were not enough, the team that would be behind this new Sevilla problem would be none other than Betis, its greatest rival. And it is that the transfer of Álex Moreno will also have repercussions on the other side of the city. Sampaoli it trills with the winter market of the Sevilla F.C.because not only is he not being able to count on the requested signings, but he also has to deal with the club’s problems.

The Argentine coach is not at all happy with the club’s transfer market

Sampaoli, crazy at Sevilla FC

The Argentine coach has received the news in recent days that the Seville team will recover Ludwig Augustinsson just a few months after his departure. The Swedish footballer then headed for Aston Villa last summer on loan, but at no time has he managed to gain a place in the eleven each day.

As if that were not enough, he has now been seriously injured and everything indicates that he will miss the remainder of the season. But he will not recover from the injury in London, but will do so in Seville, since the footballer is tied to the Seville team until June 2025. A contract that they will have to swallow, because now after his serious injury it will be much more difficult to find a way out .

Augustinsson adds a new problem for Monchi

The Swedish side has become one of the last pufos of the San Fernando sports director, who in recent seasons has accumulated failure after failure. For his transfer he paid 5.5 million euros to Werder Bremen, an investment that will not be recovered. In fact, his market value has fallen to 4 million euros and is expected to continue to plummet.

In this way, Monchi will have to deal with a new problem at Sevilla FC, as it happens with Sampaoli. Now the only thing left to do is wait to find out the club’s next moves, which are still waiting for market opportunities to arise to strengthen the squad. Be that as it may, for the moment they have managed to get out of the relegation zone, which was the first of the objectives for this 2023.


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