the surreal images after the sale

Apple, the technology giant from California (USA), has been looking forward to one of its major launches for some time: the VisionPro. Virtual reality glasses that would amaze the world. At launch, many were excited about the virtual world that Apple offers them. Of course, they hallucinate just as strongly as those they see in the real world.

On sale since last Friday for a modest price of approx 3,200 euros (plus the 1,000 euros which can cost your applications), social networks are filled with absurd and crazy videos that make us wonder if this is the future.

As we can see in the video accompanying these lines, there are those who decide to walk calmly down the street with their glasses on, or those who cross a pedestrian crossing and move their hands in a strange way, to say the least.

We’ve also seen slightly more entertaining – and less strange – features of Apple Glasses, such as someone who vacuums as a video game and “collects” coins around the house as if it were Super Mario, or someone who changes their face as a partner for that of his favorite actor.

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