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The surprising alternative to Bartra that Betis manages

After the departure of Edgar and before the imminent goodbye of Luiz Felipe, Betis has been interested in the return of Marc Bartra to reinforce the axis of the rear facing the next season

It’s no secret that Betis has tested the return of Marc Bartra just a few months after his goodbye. The defender left a pleasant memory at the club and, during his time in Turkey, he has played at a very high level. However, we have learned that the Spanish international is not the only name that the Verdiblanco team manages, as they have other options for defense.

On this occasion, the player they have set their sights on has a bright future ahead of him. So much so that several teams from the Santander League are following in his footsteps. Among these clubs is the Betis, who keeps him as one of the alternatives along with Bartra. But we will have to wait several more days to know how his situation is resolved.

Bartra, close to returning to Betis
Rafa Marín is also interested in Betis

The central youngster that Betis prefers ahead of Bartra

From what we have been able to learn, the Sevillian club has surprised by handling an unexpected alternative: Rafa Marín, center back of Real Madrid Castilla. The footballer, only 21 years old, has drawn the attention of the Betis coaching staff due to his projection and potential. Despite his youth, he has shown great performance in the Madrid subsidiary and has aroused the interest of several LaLiga clubs.

He Betis considers that Marín can be a long-term bet, with room for development and growth in his game. But they also trust him for an immediate performance, because under the orders of Raúl González he has shown that the pressure does not weigh on him and that he is capable of making the leap to the highest level.

Rafa Marín likes a lot in Seville

The Betis board values ​​the possibility of incorporating Rafa Marín as an interesting alternative to reinforce its defensive line. His youth and quality fit the profile of players that the club is looking for to maintain a long-term project and strengthen the squad for the future. Besides, His signing is not incompatible with that of Bartra.

Before the exit of two centrals, Betis thinks about incorporating Marc Bartra and another central. That could be Rafa Marín, who would arrive on loan or be transferred by the Madrid team, who would try to save a future percentage or a repurchase option. And it is that, although he does not have a place in the first team, he is a player in whom they have high hopes.

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