Home Sports The surprise striker who wanted to ‘sneak in’ at Real Madrid

The surprise striker who wanted to ‘sneak in’ at Real Madrid

The surprise striker who wanted to 'sneak in' at Real Madrid

Against the exciting backdrop of the past few weeks in the transfer market, Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea’s Belgium striker, is in the spotlight as the London side work incredibly hard to find him a new home in the world of football. Negotiations have been challenging so far and Real Madrid have proven to be a key player in this intriguing transfer drama.

As reported by DefensaCentral, Chelsea Real Madrid initially offered Lukaku for €40m to rebuild their squad. The merengue club’s rejection, however, echoed loudly in the halls of Stamford Bridge. Chelsea persistently continued their attempt and reduced the amount to 20 million euros, only to once again face the staunch refusal of Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez.

Real Madrid, on the other hand, have their own plans and preferences in the forward market. The Merengues are keeping a close eye on Kylian Mbappé’s situation and considering the possibility of securing the loan of Dusan Vlahovic, the talented Serbian striker from Juventus. This decision seems to reflect the club’s confidence in its alternatives, even beyond the possibility of a Lukaku takeover.

There’s no rush, but Ancelotti wants reinforcements upstairs

With less than two weeks to go before the market closes, the negotiations reach a critical point. Mbappé, whose future has been speculated about for months, has yet to reach an agreement with Paris Saint-Germain, adding an aura of uncertainty to the process. Talks between all parties involved are intense and fluid, with a potential transfer that could break world records in football. At the moment, Real Madrid are in no rush to find a new striker, which goes against the wishes of Carlo Ancelotti, who believes it is essential to sign a new attacker who can become a regular in his squad.

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