The Supreme Court rejected President Biden’s student loan forgiveness policy

WASHINGTON: The US Supreme Court has struck down President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness policy, which has left the Biden administration in trouble as students protest.

According to details, the US Supreme Court on Friday rejected President Joe Biden’s $400 billion federal student loan plan by a six-to-three majority, which was supposed to provide relief to millions of Americans.

Biden administration upset over US Supreme Court decision While students have turned into full-scale protests, President Biden has announced that the fight is far from over.

The court said the Biden administration overstepped its authority on the $400 billion plan, which required congressional approval, and left borrowers whose loans would fall due in the fall. I expect to resume.

On the other hand, President Biden criticized the court decision in a speech and said that the Supreme Court has misinterpreted the US Constitution, Republicans are not ready to give relief on the issue of student loans. On the other hand, former President Trump praised the court decision and said that the plan of the Biden administration was unfair.

It should be noted that after the free education of public schools in the United States, when students go to universities, the education in these universities is very expensive, there are thousands of dollars in fees, on which the students then get loans, which they have to pay along with their studies. Pay in installments while working. But there are thousands of students who cannot repay the loans for which President Biden came up with this great plan.

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However, the Republican Party called Biden’s plan a political stunt and strongly opposed it.

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