The Supreme Court authorizes certain businesses to exclude LGBT + customers and strikes down a landmark measure by Joe Biden on student debt

These are two decisions that confirm its anchoring on the right. The Supreme Court of the United States authorized, on Friday June 30, for the first time, certain businesses to exclude LGBT + customers then invalidated a flagship measure by Joe Biden on student debt. Already, the day before, the high court, profoundly overhauled by Donald Trump, had abolished affirmative action policies at the university, one of the achievements of the civil rights struggle of the 1960s intended to increase diversity on campuses.

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As a year ago, during its historic volte-face on abortion, these three judgments were delivered with the support of the six conservative magistrates against the opinion of the three progressive judges. Republicans warmly applauded each of these decisions, while Democrats, led by Joe Biden, expressed their strong disagreement.

“Millions of Americans Feel Disappointed”

The President of the United States first said to himself “very worried” increased risk of discrimination against sexual minorities. But it was on student debt that he suffered the most painful setback. At the start of the pandemic, Donald Trump’s government froze the repayment of these loans under a 2003 law allowing “relieve” student debt holders in case of“national emergency”. This measure will end on August 31. Anticipating this deadline, Joe Biden announced in August that he wanted to erase up to $20,000 from the slate of middle-income borrowers.

The Supreme Court ruled that his government had exceeded its powers by adopting this costly program without congressional authorization. “There are millions of Americans who feel disappointed, discouraged and even a little angry because of the shutdown, and I must admit that I do too”, he reacted during a televised address. Joe Biden, who is banking on the support of the working classes to win a new mandate in 2024, immediately announced a new plan to “to relieve as many borrowers as possible as quickly as possible”. This new plan will respect this judgment, said the president, and will be based on another text, the law on higher education of 1965.

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