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The super sale that Betis needs to sign Lo Celso

Giovani Lo Celso has become a priority target for Betis now that Sergio Canales has left the team to head to the Mexican league

After the surprising departure of Sergio Canales, he Betis has put even more interest in the celso. The Argentine soccer player, who already wore the Verdiblanca shirt years ago, was already a target of the club for the transfer market. However, now it has become a priority, as the team needs a point guard in the midfield who makes the Cantabrian footballer forget.

Of course, from what we have been able to learn, the money from the sale of Sergio Canales will not be enough to convince Tottenham. And it is that the London team does not intend to lower the price of the Argentine by a single euro, because they know that there are several teams after his steps. That is why Betis needs a sale to sign Lo Celso.

The Celso, the first option of the Betis
Lo Celso welcomes dressing in verdiblanco again

Betis already knows the price to pay for Lo Celso

As we have recently learned, Tottenham has set the starting price for Lo Celso at 25 million euros. This amount represents 10 million euros more than the income from the departure of Sergio Canales, who in the best of cases and adding all the variables would leave 15 million euros in the club’s coffers.

Thus, Betis needs a new big sale to get the services of Lo Celso. Now, the designated one is none other than Felipe Luiz, who has important teams following his steps. In fact, we know that West Ham is willing to pay an amount close to 10 million euros to take over the Argentine central defender.

Pablo Fornals, plan B

For all we know, Betis takes advantage of Lo Celso. However, it should not be forgotten that two important clubs such as Aston Villa and Napoli are also following in the footsteps of the Argentine footballer. That is why the sports management headed by Ramón Planes is exploring other options on the market.

Undoubtedly, the most outstanding option is that of Pablo Fornals. The West Ham midfielder would welcome a return to LaLiga, even more so if it is to dress in green and white. This yes, neither will be a simple operation, because the group ‘hammer’ neither wants to give to the player. Be that as it may, first Betis will speed up all its options for Lo Celso before launching for another player.

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