The Super Bowl increased downloads of cryptocurrency apps

Cryptocurrency applications have always been in high demand. However, the commercials of these in the Super Bowl have caused a exponential growth of downloads of these applications up to 309%.

These data are reflected in a report made by Sensor Tower, an application intelligence firm, where it is shown that the publicity generated by this event, held on February 13, has caused an increase in 309% of downloads week after week. To come up with these numbers, the company analyzed the data to see how well Super Bowl ads performed. Due to a confidentiality agreement with the clients, the company has not given signs of such data.

Companies with strong download growth

They are 10 technology companies those that have reached a higher number of downloads, among them, three are crypto applications. First, it stands coinbase, which, in the ads, only showed a QR code on a black screen. But that was enough to generate great expectation in the public. The day after the Super Bowl celebration, Coinbase had become the second most popular app on the US App Store.

Below is eTorocryptocurrency ecommerce, which increased downloads by 132% week over week on February 13 and 82% on February 14. The announcement of FTXa currency exchange company, represented an increase in 130% week over week on February 13, followed by 81% growth on the 14th. These three apps together resulted in 279% growth.

Source: Sensor Tower

Other applications that increased the number of downloads were those related to sports betting houses. Such is the case of DraftKings Sportsbok which recorded an increase in 197% week after week. It ranks just below Coinbase. then found Caesar’s Sportsbookwith an increase of 147%. Other sectors that also increased were applications of car purchasefor example, Vroom. had an increase of 111%.

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