The Suicide Squad: second worst start in DCEU history

Suicide squad posts the second weakest opening weekend in the entire DCEU. Since theaters began to reopen, the box office has been quite shaky. While some movies like No noise 2 Y Godzilla vs. Kong have found their place in a difficult cinematic landscape, others like Black widow Y Space jam 2 they saw their strong openings restricted by steep drops on their second weekends. Given that many films are also available to stream with a Covid still arousing such reluctance to return to theaters, the box office recovery was clearly not as dazzling as expected earlier in the year.

Before the weekend, we expected Suicide squad, of James Gunn, reaches $ 30 million or more. The reboot / sequel has been quite well received by internet users and critics. The rest, Suicide squad it broke a good record for an R-rated movie, racking up gross 4 million in its preview. The film earned less than expected on Friday, resulting in a drop in the weekend total.

According to Deadline, Suicide squad reported $ 26.5 million during its first three days. This number is not only lower than expected, but it is the weakest opening of all. DCEU, behind Wonder Woman 1984, which grossed $ 16 million in December under different and more difficult circumstances, as well as being a cinematic aberration. The Suicide Squad is still coming up behind Birds of prey released last year ($ 33 ​​million). However, it should be noted that it also has the largest R-rated aperture of the entire pandemic.

Various reasons appear to be to blame for these fiascos. If the first finger pointing is the simultaneous release of streaming movies, then yes, The Suicide Squad is available for free to subscribers. HBO Max, the second seems to be the obsession of the studios to show off their films with certain female figures when, however, the plot is not synonymous with sales. Birds of prey, Suicide squad Y The suicide squad, BlackWidow Y Wonder woman 2 Are all the films that pay homage to its pushy cast, mostly driven by the momentum of the film made in “feminine”: perhaps too much? However, it is good to clarify that Suicide Squad is also not a comic known to the general public, despite the popular characters.

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