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The sudden problem of Sevilla FC with Carmona

The irruption of the footballer leaves dangerous consequences in the squad

Carmona is no longer a simple player project of the Seville F.C. It is a proven reality that has surprised locals and strangers. In his colossal start, he has stood out as an offensive winger, with arrival, even with a goal. In fact, his numbers are more than nine aerial. but not.

Because Joseph Carmona is right back and aims to be the heir to Jesus Navas in the Sevilla F.C.. The need to rotate, the battered state of form of his own Navas and the poor level offered so far by Montielhave taken Lopetegui to test with the kid from the subsidiary.

Oviedo Montiel
Montiel runs out of room

Carmona earns his place at Sevilla FC

A Carmona who could not have had better luck in his debut as a starter at Sevilla FC. Because of the 2-3 victory of the team from Seville in Cornellá El Prat against RCD Espanyol, the kid scored 2 goals and assisted the other. It is evident that it was more luck than anything else, since the two goals came from rebounds in the area that fell at his feet.

But anyone who did not know the name of the youth squad will now have it engraved on fire. “What an irruption of Carmona in Sevilla FC, two goals and an assist”, prayed many messages on social networks. And it is that the kid aims to be the natural heir of Jesús Navas.

Unexpected problem for Monchi

So much so that the threat from Carmona and the still presence of Navas creates a problem on Sevilla FC’s right side. Because Montiel was part of the Argentine team until the last list, but now he clearly sees his position in Lopetegui’s team as threatened.

A possibility that Real Sociedad could take advantage of. Imanol’s men unsuccessfully tried to sign Odriozola last summer, so it seems that they need a right back. Gorosabel is prone to injury and Sola is still very green. Montiel would be a good solution.



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