The sudden death of the bride a day before the wedding

A day before the wedding in Saudi Arabia, the bride suddenly died, as a result of which the joy of the family turned into mourning.

According to foreign media, a 20-year-old girl named Raghad Salman Hassan al-Fifi was to be married to her cousin Amin bin Sulaiman on May 28 in Saudi Arabia, but she died suddenly a day before the wedding. I was going to send Piya home, on that day she was buried wearing a shroud.

Due to the sudden death of the bride, the happiness of both the families turned into mourning and the friends were drowned in grief.

The grieving father of the deceased bride shared his daughter’s wedding invitation on social media and asked friends to pray for her high grades.

Social media users have also expressed their grief over this emotional post and prayed for the girl’s high grades and urged the family to be patient.

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