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The striker who is waiting for Real Madrid in case the Mbappé operation fails

The Mbappé soap opera is getting closer to coming to an end and everything indicates that he will end up at Real Madrid, but in case the operation falls through, there is a player waiting for a call from the Madrid team

There are many players who dream of wearing the white shirt, but few who achieve it. mbappe is one of those who could end up in the real Madrid this summer, but everything will depend on the decision he makes after the public ultimatum that Nasser Al-Khelaïfi has issued to him. And it is that the president of PSG has given him two weeks to make a decision about his future.

The options that the French star has on the table are two: renew his contract or be transferred this summer. But the club is not going to let one of the best players in the world go free next summer. Even less to an enemy club such as the one chaired by Florentino Pérez. Be that as it may, Mbappé is closer to Real Madrid every day.

Mbappé approaches Real Madrid
Al-Khelaïfi’s ultimatum did not sit well with Mbappé

Mbappé gets even closer to Real Madrid

Right now, Real Madrid remains vigilant and waits for an opportunity to get the services of the young star. They know that right now they have nothing to do, even less after what happened next summer. And it is that they understand that if someone has to move, that is Mbappé.

However, in case of not achieving the hiring of Mbappé, the merengue club already has a plan B in mind. A plan B that just a few weeks ago was the main objective for the forward after learning that Benzema would not continue in the team. However, once the opportunity to sign the Frenchman arose, interest waned.

The player waiting for a call from Florentino Pérez

The arrival of Mbappé to Real Madrid is the great dream of Florentino Pérez, who has publicly expressed his admiration for the player and his desire to have him in the white team. However, the operation has become complicated due to the high economic claims of PSG and the player himself.

In this scenario, andhe Real Madrid has established an alternative in case the operation for Mbappé does not come to fruition. Harry Kane, star of Tottenham and the English National Team, is on the list of possible signings for the merengue club. The English player has expressed his desire to leave Tottenham to fight for titles and the white club is emerging as a very attractive destination for him.

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