The striker Baraja dreamed of with the possibility of ending up at Valencia CF

Without forgetting his roots, the Cartagena striker is desperate to return and escape the exclusion he experiences in his current team. He does everything he can to sign for the Che team.

Rubén Baraja and Peter Lim have spoken on several occasions, Valencia CF need a killer and January is the ideal time to complete the operation. Although the Singaporean businessman and his work team created a list of candidatesThe trainer from Valladolid specifically wants one because he finds the perfect profile in his characteristics.

Once again the name Rafa Mir echoes in the Valencian environment, this time with much greater force. The reason for the increasing security as a permanent operation is that the winter market is approaching and the Cartagena striker is still very bored at Sevilla FC. His ostracism is becoming more and more boring and the striker has expressed his dissatisfaction on several occasions.

Valencia deck
“Of course I would return to Valencia. If the circumstances were right, I would return. This is where I grew up, where I developed as a player and person,” says Rafa Mir

Rafa Mir contributes to his Valencia CF signing and Baraja applauds

Currently, negotiations between the black and white team and the Nervión club have stopped and if they continue until the summer window it will be difficult for the player to leave. The former Huesca has already expressed that he cannot last half a season longer with Ramón Sánchez. Well, he knows that his ostracism, regardless of the coach, is more than just a given.

In this way, Rafa Mir himself is moving his contacts to speed up the process and reach Valencia CF more quickly. “During the time I was associated with them, I said that I had tremendous affection for them.”. Then we’ll see what happens, but the love I feel for her doesn’t depend on whether it sounds or not. People want to look for that headline, and it seems like you can’t speak well about the clubs you’ve been to.

Baraja is no longer concerned about the market and confirms that he wants to see Rafa Mir at Valencia CF

Although the sports management, led by Miguel Ángel Corona, gave the Castilian-Leonese coach a few names, he has already decided who will be his leader in the attack. By far it is the Murcian who has exceptional qualities with the ball at his feet. What the black and white team needs most now is someone who can define without many detours.

Of course, if Valencia CF go through with the signing of Rafa Mir and, moreover, those of Gonçalo Guedes and Justin Kluivert, the coach will not object at all. However, Rubén Baraja is realistic and knows that Peter Lim will not approve three operations of this magnitude in a winter market. What also interests technician Che most is the signing of the striker from Murcia.

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