The strangest bets that can be made for the Super Bowl

Year after year, the Super Bowl paralyzes the entire United States and a large part of the planet, and the one from Sunday to Monday morning (00:30, Movistar+) between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. The spectacle generated around the NFL Grand Final creates an attention rarely seen in sports, and everyone seeks to make a profit from it. Also the betting houses, which, especially in the United States, allow fans to play their money on any minute detail that surrounds the duel of the year.

Some of these strange bets are not new, such as guessing whether the initial draw will come up heads or tails. In most American sportsbooks, each option is paid at -105 (by betting $100, you would receive $105 more if you hit). In recent days, moreover, the curse of the winner of this raffle has become notorious again, and it is that there are eight Super Bowls in a row in which the winner of the toss-up ends up losing the final.

The possibilities are endless. It is also possible to try guess the color of the energy drink that is customary to pour over the champion coach once the game is over, or what is the first thing the Super Bowl MVP will mention in his speech (you can choose between God, his teammates, family…). Because many of these ‘follies’ go beyond what happens in the game itself. Some bookmaker has among its chances to try to guess who will be the first famous Eagles fan to appear on the broadcast (Bradley Cooper, Kevin Hart, Rob McElhenney…), or if the performance of the national anthem will last more or less than 125 seconds.

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Many of these options are related to all the music that surrounds the event. Another possibility is to bet the duration of the ‘Braves’, the last word of the national anthem. And, how could it be otherwise, it is also possible to bet with everything related to the half-time concert, which will be starred by Rihanna. Guess what will be the first song she sings, the color of hair or eye shadow she will wear, or even if she will be careless in the purest Janet Jackson style. Anything is possible in a Super Bowl.

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