The strange song group is bringing new 7 songs

Kariya is basically a businessman but a very chatty and cultured person. A few years ago, he went to Binh Hai, a Chinese province, on a business invitation. The days he was there were spent in singing and merrymaking. People of a city can be so cultural and music-loving, Zakaria was impressed! He got busy in business after returning to the country. Gradually, when the busyness decreased a little, the song came to mind. He formed a singing group. The song team was created as a result of many days of thinking and hard work. But what name can be given to him? When he was drowning in the abyss of thinking about the name, Bin Hai’s words came to his mind. The name of the singing group is ‘Bin Hye Musical Group’.

Bin Hi is basically a music group. There is a fusion thing in the whole team. The band format is but a mix of our country music groups. While performing western style songs, folk or modern songs are also progressing at the same pace. In the meantime, the group has performed music on most of the country’s TV channels. For almost three years now, the group has been performing regularly at various corporate shows and functions.

Bin Hi is a professional musical group. The team practices regularly every week. And Tutul is in charge of the party leader. Everyone matters here, and no one is alone. Everyone has options. As a result, the team does not stop when one gets sick or is otherwise busy. Go ahead with others. For example, Bin Hai has three male vocalists and three female vocalists. There are two people on the keyboard, two people on the bass, and the same person playing the instrument along with the song. Everyone is a professional artist. Along with the team, they regularly perform music in various hotels, events, and various media.

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Bin Hai mainly sings at the request of the audience. They are also working with the goal that the obsolete Bengali songs should not be lost in the evolution of time. The group has gradually made its own songs. Their 7 new songs are coming this Eid. The songs are ‘Bodd Sheyana’ (Lyricist SA Vipul, Composer HB Hafiz), ‘Channi Pashar’ (Lyricist Ahmed Rabbani, Music HB Hafiz), ‘Ude Chala Man’ (Lyricist Ahmed Rabbani, Music Composer HB Hafiz), ‘ Lost Days’ (Lyricist Ahmed Rabbani, Composer HB Hafiz), ‘Bhole Bhara Jeeban’ (Lyricist and Composer Riaz Ahmed), ‘Ei Prithi Be Keet Hoda’ (Lyricist Ahmed Rabbani, Composer HB Hafiz) and ‘Jordachahara Paan’ ( Lyricist and composer SA Vipul).

Bin Hai Musical Group has its own page and channel on social media and YouTube. There the songs will be released one by one this Eid.

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