the story that connects him with Bishop Saint Nicholas and Christmas

Every year, Santa Claus visits the homes of millions of people in his sleigh to leave presents under the Christmas trees.

Although this traditional story has been around for hundreds of years and has fueled the Christmas spirit, many don’t know that it actually exists Santa Claus It wouldn’t be at the North Pole, but in a church in Italy.

There is an entire social and cultural construction behind this festival to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Thus, Christmas evolved from a day with religious connotations welcoming the Christ Child to a commercial engagement promoted through the decoration of trees, Christmas cards and gifts.

The person behind the origin of Santa Claus is St. Nicholas, a bishop who won the affection of the entire Mediterranean.

“Santa Claus” is not at the North Pole, but he is buried in this Italian church.

“Santa Claus” is not at the North Pole, but he is buried in this Italian church. Photo: Pixabay

His story entered American popular culture in New York in the late 18th century; after Dutch families gathered to remember the death of “Sister Klaas” or better known as Santa Claus.

The person responsible for this story

When we talk about Santa Claus, we come back to the story of a bearded bishop named Saint Nicholas, who was born in Turkey around the year 280 AD.

This man gained people’s recognition by the way he decided to give away all his wealth and began traveling around the country helping the poor and sick.

Although everyone remembers Santa Claus as a man who came from the North Pole, the reality is that the man who inspired his story rests in a church in a port in southern Italy.

The CNN broadcaster took a tour of the city of Bari, which has been adopting and defending an alternative story to Santa Claus for about 1,000 years.

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Historians claim that the skeleton of Saint Nicholas rests in the basilica that bears his name.

This has led thousands of curious people and tourists to visit this city to learn the story of the man who inspired Santa Claus.

This all happened because a rumor spread that a bearded man who gave gifts was buried in this place.

The name of Saint Nicholas became increasingly important and revered for his generosity.

As the world prepares for Christmas, residents of this city are once again trending due to the celebrations surrounding this saint. a far cry from the extravagant party celebrated around the world in his honor.

The Commercial Origin of Santa Claus

The father of the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, Giovanni Distante, acknowledged that religious authorities recognize the connection between the bishop and Santa Claus.

“Santa Claus is nothing more than an evolution and transformation of Saint Nicholas, who is a universal saint revered throughout Christianity, second only to the Virgin Mary,” he told CNN.

In fact, Bari residents are reluctant to accept the story of Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus, as the latter was created due to the commercial connotation.

The image of the man with a white beard and a red suit gained strength after Coca Cola launched a campaign to encourage consumption of its drink in the 1930s.

In this way, the story of Santa Claus has been passed down through several generations over the years, as the old man who descends chimneys to leave presents as he travels around the world aboard a sleigh.

Santa Claus continues to bring the Christmas cheer as little ones discover who Santa Claus really was.

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