The story of the Afghan baby delivered over a wall to American soldiers

Images of a baby being pushed by the arm and extended by civilians towards US soldiers at the perimeter wall at the airport in the Afghan capital went viral.

In this video, posted on Twitter on Thursday, a military man can be seen holding the baby by one arm and then lifting it up to pass it over a barbed wire.

When asked about those images, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said it was an “act of compassion.”

“A father asked the Marines to take care of the baby because he was sick,” he told a news conference on Friday. “The marine who is seen stretching his arm took him (the boy) to a Norwegian hospital which is at the airport. They treated the boy and returned him to his father,” he said.

Kirby He admitted that he did not know where the baby was now.

“Obviously we have a responsibility to return a child to his parents. I do not know who the father is, and if he applied for” a special immigration visa (SIV). “I don’t have this level of information,” he continued.

Photo: AFP.

On Friday, the US military released several photos showing its soldiers caring for children on the grounds of Hamid Karzai International Airport.


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