The story of Dylan, the sperm donor who wants to see his 96 biological children again

Dylan Stone-Miller was only twenty years old when he had to deal with a problem significant economic fine for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was a psychology student living with his parents in Georgia, USA. His parents forced him to pay the costs associated with the crime committed when he was a minor. So He chose an unconventional but useful path: becoming a sperm donor.

Lack of funds prompted him to look for this quick and effective solution, so he became a paid sperm donor at Xytex, one of the largest sperm banks in the United States. Over a six-year period, Dylan has made multiple donationsand for each donation he made a total of one hundred dollars.

Dylan’s Strange Story: He meets 25 of the 96 biological children he has after several years of donating seeds

According to data offered by the media themselves, more than a million Americans have been conceived through in vitro fertilization techniques. Unlike other donors, the young man authorized the company to disclose his identity to all descendants once they came of age. His story has since gone viral and spread around the world and that’s it, After several years, she has taken on the challenge of reuniting with her 96 children.

A proposal that was not initiated by Dylan himself, but by the mother of one of the girls born through his sperm donation. The woman had contacted him after following the young man’s social networks and finding out his whereabouts. “I really hope you’re not feeling hurt in any way, but it’s Thanksgiving in Canada and I wanted to say how grateful my family is to you.”, the woman said, according to the Wall Street Journal. Dylan’s own mother also spoke out on the subject, although she doesn’t understand her son’s desire to meet all of his offspring, but she wouldn’t mind meeting them because “she’s happy when she sees the photos he takes.” you send every day.”

Until now, Dylan managed to hit twenty-five of them, after traveling various parts of the geography for several months. But not all visits have been pleasant, as some moms have banned Dylan from identifying himself as his father.

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