The story of a Farooq lost at sea

It is the story of a Farooq lost in the sea. The story is like Farooq’s movie Priyatma, the story is also Farooq’s own, Farooq’s work.

The mother cried after watching the movie written by the son who was lost in the sea. Eldest son Farooq Hossain was lost in the sea in 2015 while visiting Cox’s Bazar.

Didn’t come back. But people are looking for the missing Farooq in 2023. Because the audience is fascinated by the movie Priyatama written by him. Looking for movie story writer.

After the movie was released on Eid, Farooq Hossain’s mother and younger brother Uday Jalal Deep came to Star Cineplex in the capital on the invitation of Himel Ashraf. Farooq’s mother Nasreen Jalal became emotional while talking about her son.

Nasreen Jalal said, “I know my son’s writing will be so popular.” Before this Sultana Bibiana movie is playing.

This time darling is doing well. Although our Tamanna movie of Syedpur, the movie has been released. It will go well there too. Farooq used to write since childhood.

He said, ‘All my sons and daughters are very talented.

My belief that my son will write well was 110 out of 100.’

Farooq’s younger brother Uday Jalal Deep is a software engineer by profession but also writes. Already two of his telefilms have been aired on satellite television. The screenplay written by elder brother Farooq is his inspiration. He said to Kal Kantha, ‘My brother used to write since childhood. While studying in Syedpur Cantonment Public School and College, he used to send articles to newspapers. Later came to Dhaka and joined journalism.

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Farooq became known in the showbiz world by being associated with various newspapers in Dhaka. After that he started writing plays one after another. Uday Jalal Deep said that he wrote more than 55 dramas. He said, the first aired drama of the brother that Jeevan did not live. It starred Humayun Faridi and Subarna Mostafa. It was released in 2006. In 2008, he received the Charunidam Award for the screenplay of the drama “Bho Manhus” and “Journey by Politics” in 2011.

Producer Himel Ashraf thinks Farooq might be hiding in a sandy beach. Thinking of Farooq, his chest breaks in pain. And so a big shoot was done in Cox’s Bazar in memory of Farooq. Where Farooq is lost.

Screenwriter and lyricist Ferrari Farhad wrote on his Facebook about the matter, “I told Shakibiyan during the shooting in Cox’s Bazar – what Himel has done – I could never do Ferrari Farhad.” Shakibiyan must inform this information. Farooq Hussain lies in eternal slumber where the beloved begins on the screen – at Riju Khal. Farooq’s dead body was not found. Himel believes with all his heart – he tells me – there is a brother, there is a brother Farooq, the body is under that sand. I do not know how to measure the depth of this suffering. Himel started the journey of her beloved – from the Riju canal where Farooq Hussain was embraced.

Farooq Hossain has written the screenplay for Himel Ashraf’s ‘Sultana Bibiana’ and Salahuddin Lovelu’s second film ‘Warish’. In the meantime ‘Sultana Bibiana’ has been released. But Warish is still waiting for release.

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