The stewardess made an unpleasant gesture, embarrassing the passenger

According to international media reports, the incident took place on a FrontierAirline commercial flight from Philadelphia to Miami.

During the flight, a passenger made obscene gestures at airports and sexually harassed them, the passenger continued to run over the flight attendants and told them aloud about his parents’ wealth.

Man glued to seat after groping and hitting flight attendants

When the flight attendant arrived to control the situation, he explained it to the passenger, but he did not stop and continued to harass the other passengers.

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When the passenger did not remain silent, the flight attendant hit him and tied him to the seat with duct tape. The passenger’s face was also recorded and the rest of the trip had to be carried out under the same conditions.

Frontier Airlines Passenger Taped to Seat, Arrested After Tampering |  US News® |  US News

After the plane landed at the Miami airport, the passenger, identified as Barry, 22, was arrested and charged with three counts, while the airline was suspended pending an investigation into the incident.

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